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TPP “Barh” (India)

TPP “Barh” is a new coal thermal power plant. The contract on production and delivery of 30 mills of MVS-265 type for TPP “Barh” concluded in December 2005 between “TYAZHMASH” and “Technorpomexport” became one of the largest orders on serial production.

PJSC “TYAZHMASH” proved itself to be a reliable partner and signed up an order on gas-air ducts manufacturing for this power plant. Now the work on set designed for mounting at the first unit of thermal power plant is proceeding to completion.

In 2008–2009 ten mills for the first unit of power plant were shipped to the Customer. At the beginning of 2011 the next twelve mills MVS-265 were dispatched to India.

PJSC “TYAZHMASH” finished the scale project.

In September one of the biggest projects of PJSC “TYAZHMASH” over the past decade — order on production of 30 medium speed roller mills MVS-265 for TPP “Barh” in India was finished. This fact was denoted by shipment of the last two products. Eight years of hard work, continuous improvement of production technology, innovative approach of the plant specialists — those were the reasons for successful performance of the large order.

The contract on equipment delivery for TPP “Barh” was concluded between “TYAZHMASH” and “Technorpomexport” in 2005. For our plant this contract was not only a good piece of business but also the regain of leader position at the market of power engineering industry while getting the right to create advanced mills.

For various reasons the term of equipment delivery were postponed, but as a result the plant completely performed its obligations and delivered products according to all specified requirements. Now mounting works are actively conducted on site, and specialists of PJSC “TYAZHMASH” industry service department participate in them.

TPP “Barh” where the mills are being installed will become the source of energy for state Bihar. Five power units (the unit capacity will be 660 MW) shall operate there. Now mounting of the first five mills of unit No. 1 is nearing completion. The unit shall be put into operation in 2015.