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Cherepets SDPP

The first in Europe powerful steam power plant of extra-high pressure, Cherepets SDPP, is located in Suvorov, Tula region, on the river of Cherepets.

In March 2009 the contract on equipment production and delivery for Cherepets SDPP named after D. G. Zhimerin was concluded between PJSC “EnergoMashinostroitelny Alliance” and PJSC “TYAZHMASH”. Under this contract the construction of two power units (each of 225 MW) is being performed.

Specialists of PJSC „TYAZHMASH” have designed the unique equipment completely meeting the advanced standards. The equipment is as good as world analogues and meets all requirements specified by the Customer.

Mills of MVS type are designed for grinding the coal being the main fuel of power plant.

Power units of Cherepets SDPP are designed for ultrahigh parameters of steam. They take up pressure up to 170 atmospheres and temperature of 550 °С.

Medium speed roller mills with static and dynamic separator MVS-195, belt feeders PL1200/5500 with gravimetric device, gates 700×700 with electric drive, bayonet locks 2200×1100 were manufactured under this project. The last shipment was performed in June 2011.