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The tower is designed for installation of radio, TV receiver-transmitters, radio-relay antennas.

The tower is a dimensional metalwork, made up of pipes. It consists of separate sections, connected with each other by high-test fixing system. The upper, antenna part of tower is a square prism 50 m long with a square side 3 m, which is fixed inside four upper 8-square sections.

Receiving-transmitting antennas are installed on different tower layers. There are stairways and operating platforms for tower layers access. The tower can be installed in wind area I.

The main tower dimensions:

  • diameter at the mark 0.000 m — 36 m;
  • diameter at the mark 201.360 m — 5.6 m;
  • the lowest mark of antenna part — 201.460 m;
  • the highest mark of antenna part — 257.000 m;
  • tower weight — 527 t.