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Radio-telescope “RTF-32”

Radio-telescope “RTF-32” is designed for receiving radio-frequency emission of cosmic sources of natural and artificial origin in centimetric-wave band to solve astronomy, geodesy, seismology and space navigation tasks. JSC “TYAZHMASH” provides design and mechanical part of the radio-telescope.

Radio-telescope “RTF-32”

Technical characteristics:

  • main reflector diameter — 32 m;
  • subdish diameter — 4 m;
  • focal distance — 11.4 m;
  • azimuthal rotation — ±270°;
  • rotation in elevation angle — 5÷95°;
  • overall dimensions — 32×32×40 m;
  • weight — about 600 t.

Radar-telescope “RATAN-600”

“RATAN-600” is designed on the basis of reflectortype antennas with variable profile and combines advantages of huge stationary and mobile radio-telescopes.“RATAN-600” comprises circular reflector (main reflector), plain reflector (periscope) and irradiators of various design and purpose (secondary reflectors).

Circular reflector is a variable-profile antenna and consists of 900 shields installed circumferentially with diameter of 600 m with continuous reflection power of 2×7.4 m each. Each of the shields rotates independently horizontally (in elevation angle) and vertically (in azimuth) and moves in radial direction which provides forming of circular reflector reflecting surface with variable parabola profile. Circular construction of radio-telescope and its ability to change reflecting surface enable research any sky area. Deviation of shield reflecting surfaces from theoretical profile is ±0.1 mm.

Radar-telescope “RATAN-600”

Technical characteristics

Plain reflector (periscope):

  • length — 400 m;
  • quantity of shields — 125 pcs.;
  • shield dimensions — 3.2×8 m2.

Circular reflector (main reflector):

  • diameter of reflecting elements (shields) location — 600 m;
  • quantity of shields — 900 pcs.;
  • shield dimensions — 2×7.4 m2.