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Bayonet lock is designed for installation under the hopper in front of the feeder for the purpose of raw coal layer retention in the hopper during the repair works execution in pulverized-coal system. Bayonet lock represents the welded steelwork consisting of frame, carriages and hydraulic drive. Bayonet lock frame represents the steelwork welded of channels. The carriages equipped with bayonets blocking the lock passage section, move on the support idlers along the frame guides.

Setting in motion of each carriage is performed by the hydraulic cylinders. Final position of the carriage is checked by the end switches. Hydraulic drive system consists of: pumping unit, hydraulic cylinders and connecting pipelines. Pumping unit, feeding the lubricant to hydraulic system, consists of tank, pump unit, hydraulics and pressure control devices. Upon the Customer’s request, the enterprise can manufacture the bayonet locks of any standard size.

Technical characteristics

Lock standard sizeBranch pipe section, mmLock overall dimensions without pumping unit, mm
ShZG 2200×11002200×110024305632490
ShZG 4000×15004000×150042306432580
ShZG 1100×11001100×110013305632490
ShZG 1000×15001000×150017305532490