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Flicker devices with cone valve for pulverized coal and ash are designed for use on vertical pulverized coal pipes in continuous coal pulverization and ash collecting systems under pulverized coal cyclones, on the return chutes under the separators, under ash collecting cyclones.

The main function of flicker devices is air flow prevention from the increased pressure area into the decreased pressure area at the pulverized coal and ash transportation. The flicker device consists of housing, inlet and outlet branch pipes, cone valve of compound lever system and counterweight. The column of pulverized coal and ash is designed for channel sealing to prevent from suctions over the valves. The column size is calculated on the basis of the pressure difference. The flicker devices shall be mounted on the pipeline vertical section to provide normal operation. The pulverized coal rated value is balanced by the load able to be transferred and fixed along the whole length of the lever.

Technical characteristics

Standard size of flicker deviceDU 100DU 150DU 200DU 300DU 450DU 600
Nominal bore, mm100150200300450600
Output, t/h0.1–60.2–140.4–241–542–1204–216