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Panel steam dryer is designed for drying bulk materials with poor characteristics, e.g.: coal with great amount of small wet fractions, sand, clay, building materials and chemicals, iron-ore and apatite concentrate and other fluxing materials.

Steam from the turbines with pressure 0.1–1.0 MPa and temperature up to 200 °C is used as heat carrier for material drying in the panel steam dryers. Central hollow shaft is supported by rolling bearings. Dryer housing is composed of tubes connected by “fins”. Tube sidewall is connected with shaft by spokes that transfer steam from shaft to the sidewall. Spokes simultaneously transmit torque from sidewall to dryer shaft. Panels are installed in the spokes location cavity. Dryer drum rotation is performed from drive by open gear set (ring gear/pinion shaft). Electric motor rotation frequency adjustment is performed by frequency converter. The following items are supplied complete with the dryer: set of spare parts, set of lubricating system with control instrumentation devices and pipe cabling, lubrication system and dryer local control equipment.

Technical parameters

PPS 4000/8000PPS 5000/8000
Output, t/h4060
Rotation frequency, min-11...10 1...10
Angle of slope1....3°1....3°
Overall dimensions, mmlength 13764 13764