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Coal pulverization systems with ball tube mills are equipped with SPTsV separators for separation of pulverized coal with defined fineness from the air-and-coal mixture flow and for large-sized fractions return to the mill for regrinding. Separators are classified according to maximum volume of passing air-and-coal mixture and arranged with mill of the relevant output.

The separator consists of housing, cover, blade system and blades drive. The inlet branch pipe connected with the grinding unit by means of pulverized coal pipe and return pipelines connected with mill inlet branch pipe are located at the separator lower part. The outlet branch pipe connected with pulverized coal pipe is located at the separator upper part. Manholes are provided in the housing for inspection and minor repair. Blade system is located in the cover cavity of the separator upper part. It consists of the blades, uniformly located in a circumferential direction. The required fineness of grinding is achieved by blades rotation (by means of drive). Adjusting blade system of centrifugal separators is equipped with scale and cursor indicating the blades position. The drive provides free and simultaneous blade rotation against their axes.

Technical characteristics

Separators standard sizes, D/dConsumption of drying-ventilating agent, thous. m3/hSeparator volume, m3
SPTsV 2200/5007–164.7
SPTsV 2200/600 10–224.7
SPTsV 2500/600 10–226.8
SPTsV 2500/800 18–406.8
SPTsV 2850/800 18–4010.1
SPTsV 2850/1000 28–6210.1
SPTsV 3300/1000 28–6215.7
SPTsV 3300/1200 41–9015.7
SPTsV 3600/1200 41–9020.4
SPTsV 3600/1400 55–12220.4
SPTsV 4250/1400 55–12233.4
SPTsV 4250/1600 72–16033.4
SPTsV 4500/1600 72–16040
SPTsV 4500/1800 92–20240
SPTsV 4750/1600 72–16047
SPTsV 4750/2000 113–24947
SPTsV 5500/2000 113–24973
SPTsV 5500/2400 163–35873