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Since 2007, PJSC “TYAZHMASH” jointly with German partners has been developing and manufacturing mills of TBM type — medium speed mills with toroidal rollers.

Mills are designed for coal, semi-anthracites, lean coal, lignite grinding (with pre-drying) up to pulverized condition in coal pulverization systems at thermal power plants. TBM type mills are also designed for raw materials grinding in the cement industry.

TBM type mills are designed for newly built plants as well as for replacement of initially installed MPS type mills. The design of mills allows mounting of bigger standard size (TBM-245) on the foundation of the existing MPS-235 mill.

Use of TBM-245 mill instead of the replaced mill allows the Customer to achieve visible power consumption saving and grinding elements lifetime prolongation — (from 6000 hours up to 20000 hours depending on the characteristics of the coal to be ground or other material).

In February 2009 two mills were delivered to KW “Voerde” (Germany) and put into operation.

In accordance with the Customer’s requirements, JSC “TYAZHMASH” is able to design and manufacture any ore-grinding equipment varying from system range.

Technical characteristics

  • Output — 72 t/h;
  • Pulverized coal fineness 0.09 — 3.5–6%;
  • Input power — 750–880 kW;
  • Primary air consumption — 33 kg/s;
  • Hot air temperature, max — 340 °С;
  • Pressure in hydraulic system — 50 bar.