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Tangential hammer mills are designed for coal and lignite grinding up to pulverized condition and their simultaneous predrying in the coal pulverization systems at thermal power plants. The equipment can operate both under vacuum and pressure. A distinguishing feature of the mill is intensive forced ventilation combined with an increased peripheral velocity of the rotor enabling high quality of grinding and good drying. The mill consists of housing with frame, rotor, separator, radial and thrust bearings, elastic coupling and electric motor. The material to be ground and drying agent are fed into the mill tangentially.

Process of grinding is performed by means of repeated impacts of material by beaters and against the housing, and also by means of material detrition during its movement through the clearance between housing liner and running rotor of the mill.

The drying-ventilating agent carries the milled coal away from the milling zone into the separator, where large-sized fractions are separated and returned into the mill for additional grinding. The finished pulverized coal is moved through the pulverized-coal ducts to the boiler burners.

The output of modern hammer mills reaches 70 t/h (lignite) and 50-60 t/h (coal). The modern hammer mill is one of the most cost-effective milling devices designed for coal grinding.

Technical characteristics

Rotor diameter, mmRotor length, mmRotor rotation frequency, rpmMill overall dimensions, mmThe output at lignite grinding Klo= 1.75 R90 = 55%
The output at coal grinding Klo= 1.35 R90 = 15÷20%
ММТ 1300/8301300830750 (1000)4480370036006.3 (10)
ММТ 1300/830К1300830750 (1000)448045603640
3.5 (5.6)
ММТ 1300/131013001310750 (1000)50153700408010 (16)
ММТ 1300/1310К13001310750 (1000)501549304080
5.6 (9)
ММТ 1300/2030/7501300203075062503700332016
ММТ 1300/2030/750К13002030750625050803320
ММТ 1500/2510/7501500251075068804950379028
ММТ 1500/2510/750К15002510750688057703790
ММТ 2000/2590/75020002590750 (600)78007000555063 (40)
ММТ 2000/2590/750К20002590750 (600)780081005110
25 (20)
ММТ 2600/2550/590К26002550600909598905600