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Pulverizing fans are designed for lignite grinding up to pulverized condition with simultaneous drying and pulverized coal-gas mixture transportation in coal pulverization systems of boilers.

Pulverizing fan is manufactured with left or right rotation of rotor. Pulverizing fan is a unit which is simultaneously functioning as a grinding device and a fan conveying the finished pulverized coal by gas flow. Hot gases drawn off from furnace and coal from which the surface moisture is removed (this moisture decreases drying agent temperature at mill inlet) enter the upper part of gas intake mine simultaneously. Coal grinding is performed by quickly rotating rotor by means of impact and grinding effect. Milled coal is removed from grinding area by drying agent to separator where the segregation of large-sized coal fractions from air-and-coal mixture and their return for finish grinding occur. The adjustment of finished pulverized coal fineness is provided by moving blade. The blade is controlled by worm gear drive. Finished pulverized coal is directed to boiler burners by air flow. Change of the pulverizing fan ventilation capacity is carried out by regulating cut-off gate mounted at the separator outlet.

Technical characteristics

Output (Berezovsky lignite), t/h13,530384570 84
Ventilating output, m3/h50 00080 000140 000170 000220 000250 000250 000300 000
Rotor diameter, mm160021202 7002 700330034003 5504100
Rotor rotation frequency, rpm980740590590490490490420
Mill overall dimensions, mm, not abovelength 8580 10 310 11 320 9015 13 150 14 720 15 000 17 500
width408042705935520065008700940010 815
height55206125812510 675947010 94012 95013 400
The output at lignite grinding with Wr = 35.5% HGI 77.8, t/h
The output at lignite grinding with Wr = 35.4% HGI 57, t/h