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Mill drums consist of parts which overall dimensions provide the possibility of transportation and mill mounting in space-limited environment of the thermal plants existing cells without significant foundation rebuilding. The drum components are connected with each other by flanges by means of bolt connection.

Technical characteristics

ShBMR 287/470ShBMR 370/535ShBMR 370/675ShBMR 370/850
Rated output, t/h
Drum rotation frequency (rated), rpm19.216.2417.8817.6
Maximum allowable pressure in the mill, MPa (kgf/cm2)0.15 (1.5)0.15 (1.5)0.15 (1.5)0.15 (1.5)
Grinding fineness R904...154...154...154...15
Overall dimensions, mm, not abovelength 10200 13300 16700 19800
Diameter of branch pipes, mm900, 1000135014501550