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Aerated ball tube mills are designed for anthracites, coal, lignite, shale and other materials grinding up to pulverized condition and for continuous operation in coal pulverization systems at thermal power plants and other branches of industry.

The coal grinding process in aerated mills is performed simultaneously with coal drying inside the drum. Coal together with drying agent is fed into the drum through the coal feeding branch pipe, and finished pulverized coal is removed from the drum through pulverized coal distributing branch pipe by the same agent. The coal lump size fed for grinding shall not exceed 25 mm. Mills are manufactured with right or left location of drive, if facing the mill end from the ring gear unit.

Technical characteristics

ShBM 220/235
Drum rotation frequency (nominal), rpm
Maximum allowable pressure in the mill, MPa (kgf/cm2)
Grinding fineness R90
Overall dimensions, mm, not above
Diameter of branch pipes, mm
ShBM 220/235421.80.15 (1.5)4...28680049003500500, 600, 750
ShBM 220/330621.80.15 (1.5)4...28770049003500500, 600, 750
ShBM 250/3901020.80.15 (1.5)4...28860054004100800, 900
ShBM 287/4101219.20.15 (1.5)4...28950062504200900, 1000
ShBM 287/4701619.20.15 (1.5)4...281020062504200900, 1000
ShBM 320/5702517.90.15 (1.5)4...2813000730053001100, 1350
ShBM 287/8123017.90.15 (1.5)4...2813000740055001000
ShBM 370/4003516.240.15 (1.5)4...2812000800060001350
ShBM 370/4003716.240.15 (1.5)4...2813300800060001350
ShBM 370/5354017.60.15 (1.5)4...2817900830068701550
ShBM 370/8505017.60.15 (1.5)4...2819000830068701250, 1400, 1450, 1550, 1700