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Belt feeder shall be installed under the raw-coal storage hopper and is intended for feeding and batching of solid fuels with unsatisfactory loose properties, with a tendency for agglutination and sealing.

Belt feeder is a welded steelwork that includes the following units:

  • feeder housing, consisting of: tensile section, loading section, weight section, drive section, vulcanization section;
  • feeder drive;
  • belt;
  • scraper blade of spillage collector;
  • weighting device.

Belt feeders of closed type are widely used at power plants with mills of ShBM, MVS, MV, MMT type operating both under vacuum and pressure. Power input for belt feeder drive is less than power input for scraper feeder drive.

Technical characteristics

  • feeder standard size — PL-1200;
  • fuel transportation length — 3500, 5500;
  • output — 60 t/h;
  • adjustment range (rotation speed of electric motor shaft) — 5:1 (1000–200);
  • size of loading door — 2200×1100 mm;
  • size of outlet branch pipe — 1100×1100 mm.