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Screw stationary feeder shall be mounted under the raw coal storage hopper and is designed for uniform, regulated feed of the material to be ground into the mill and batching the solid fuel with no tendency for agglutination and sealing. The feeder performs two main functions: adjustment of the input coal quantity and its transportation for required distance.

Screw feeders are made with right and left drive arrangement depending on the layout. Feeders operate in a single technological complex with the hopper. Continuity check of material supply is carried out by means of material abruption alarm device that is included in the unit general control system. Feeders are produced in gasproof performance and designed for operation both under vacuum and pressure. Stationary screw feeder represents the welded steelwork and includes the following units: housing, drive, screw.

Screw feeders are equipped with drive with direct current or alternating current motor. Electric motor rotation frequency transducer is supplied in assembly with alternating current electric motors. Screw feeders are produced with length required by the Customer.

Technical characteristics

Feeder typePSh-900PSh-500PShV-650PSh-800
Material transportation length2500, 4000, 6000, 7000, 80001500 85004500
Output, t/h50, 120, 8025 50300
Adjustment range (rotation speed of electric motor shaft)5:1 (1000...200)
Size of loading door, mm1600×1000900×600900×7001300×1400
Size of outlet branch pipe, mm700×1000500×600900×700990×1690