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Pulverized coal stationary blade feeders are designed for even feeding of pulverized coal from intermediate hopper to boiler burners. The feeder consists of the following major units: receiving hopper with lock, dozing machine, safety coupling, worm reduction gearbox, connection coupling and electric motor. Pulverized coal goes from the pulverized coal hopper to receiving hopper and through the dosing machine cover openings enters the cells of the feeding wheel, that feeds pulverized coal into the metering wheel, from which the pulverized coal comes out in the distributing branch pipe and then into the pulverized-coal pipe.

Pulverized coal blade feeders “PPL-5S”

The direct current electric motors with changeable rotation frequency (from 1500 to 300 rpm) are applied for the output regulation of the feeder. The design of pulverized coal feeder provides the even feeding of the pulverized coal over the whole regulation range of output, the direct proportion dependence of output from rotation frequency of the blade wheel.

The feeder is equipped with reliable, permanent overload protection system and device for axial clearances adjustment during the process of operation. The design of feeder bearings excludes dust ingress and lubricant leakage. The design of pulverized coal feeder provides easy servicing, repair, assembling-dismounting and quick removal of pulverized coal residue from the receiving hopper.

Technical characteristics

Feeder standard sizeOutput, t/hQuantity of distributing branch pipes, pcs.Size of distributing branch pipe, D, mmSize of inlet branch pipe, mmAdjustment range (rotation speed of electric motor shaft, min−1)
PPL-3.513.551140670×6705:1 (1500...300)
PPL-5C1.4571140670×6705:1 (1500...300)
PPL-51.4571140800×8005:1 (1500...300)
PPL-5M1.4572140800×8005:1 (1500...300)
PPL-72710 2185800×8005:1 (1500...300)
PPL-102.810142185800×8005:1 (1500...300)