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Oil screw pumps are designed for pumping of pure oils and other well-lubricating non-corrosive liquids without abrasive particle impurities with kinematic viscosity of 0,2×104 up to 2,2×104 m2/s and max. temperature of 60 °C.

Main parameters of the pump correspond to pump operation on oil with kinematic viscosity of 0,75×104...0,78×104 m2/s.

Technical characteristics

ParametersMVN-1,5 MVN-6MVN-10MVN-25
Supply, l/s1.5611 25
Pump pressure, MPa2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Rated rotation frequency, s-148242424
Allowable vacuum suction head, m5555
Input power, kW5.8 2137.5 83
Pump efficiency coefficient, %63717274
Overall dimensions, mm
length 335 590 770 1030
Pump weight, kg30111202433