Put Request

Gearboxes can be put into operation in the following conditions:

  • permanent and alternating load of one direction in the limits of rated-load torque;
  • long-term operation (up to 24 hours per day) or with periodical stops;
  • shaft rotation in any direction without preference, except for gearboxes of KTst type;
  • input shaft rotation frequency n=750-1500 rpm;
  • various climatic versions.

Rated-load torques of gearboxes are given in table for constant mode of operation (duration of the PV switching on is 100%). While gearboxes operate in reverse mode, i.e. in case of periodical change of rotation direction, except for gearboxes of KTst type, the rated-load torque at the output shaft decreases by 25%. The oil-bath circulating and stream non-circulating flow lubrication systems shall be provided for gearboxes.

Gearboxes may be of different performance types, providing:

  • cylindrical and conical ends of input and output shafts;
  • low-speed shaft in the form of tooth-type coupling;
  • hollow shaft with keyed joint;
  • various types of gearbox fastening.

Technical characteristics

Gearbox typesQuantity of standard sizes, pcs.Power range for low-speed shaft, N, kWRange of gear ratios, UWeight, kg
One-step cylindrical type97–16002.5–817–8300
Two-step cylindrical type1370–37607.5–702200–34600
Three-step cylindrical type49–150040–2401600–31000
Two-step and three-step conical-cylindrical type176.2–8002–18034–5300
One-step and two-step worm type70.1–831.5–1435250–7300