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JSC NIIES of RusHydro jointly with JSC TYAZHMASH have developed package of working construction documentation for 10 kW and 30 kW power units of mini-HPP with orthogonal turbines.

In 2013 JSC TYAZHMASH jointly with ČKD Blansko Holding a.s. manufactured hydromechanical and power equipment for pilot mini-HPP on the basis of standard shipping container with orthogonal turbine with installed capacity of 10 and 30 kW.

Design features of orthogonal turbine:

  • Efficiency is up to 75%.
  • Simple and advanced design;
  • Weatherproofing design of container;
  • Two versions of runner – 10 or 30 kW in the same housing.

Main advantages of orthogonal turbine in case of its application in mini-HPPs and tidal power plants:

  • Flexibility: it may be used in various configurations with small water flow rates and heads of less than 10 m;
  • Stability: it is designed for continuous operation with isolated load and varying head;
  • Scalability: it is possible to install several power units depending on existing flow rate;
  • Portability: container may be transported by any mode of transport including railway or automobile transport;
  • Operational efficiency: special hydrotechnical structures are not necessary, quick mounting and dismantling;
  • Power self-sufficiency: fuel or additional resources are not required for power generation (except for water flow);
  • Independence: it designed for use in regions remote from large power grids and as an alternative to diesel generation;
  • Automation: it operates in automatic mode, permanent occupation of maintenance personnel is not necessary;
  • Failure reliability: simple design provides high failure reliability and repairability in the field environment;
  • Vandal-resistance: insulated container made of steel protects equipment from wild animals and unauthorized persons;
  • Environmental friendliness: it does not form wastes and does not contain toxic substances;
  • Fire safety: it can not be a source of fire.

Design of orthogonal turbine has been implemented at the following facilities:

  • at micro-HPP with capacity of 3.5 kW at the head of 1.7 m (model at All-Russia Exhibition Center of the Russian Federation);
  • at mini-HPP with capacity of 10-30 kW of Khorobrovsky hydraulic unit;
  • at Kislaya Guba tidal power plant;
  • in feasibility study of Tugur tidal power plant (capacity is 8 mln kW);
  • in the project of Mezenskaya tidal power plant (11.4 mln kW) allowing decrease in capital investments in tidal power plant construction by 17 % in comparison with expenditures for tidal power plant with axial bulb units.