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Adjustable blade high-head runner with 8 blades for head of 85 mAdjustable blade runner for head of 40 m

This type of hydraulic turbines has adjustable blades of runner providing effective use of water flow energy at lowland rivers with great fluctuations of upstream and downstream side levels. As a rule, these turbines are used for heads up to 85 m with high flow of water.

Output: from 0.2 kW to 200 MW.

Head: from 1.5 m to 85 m.

Head: from 1.5 m to 85 m.

Structural features:

  • horizontal or vertical configuration;
  • immovable or adjustable rotor runner and guide vanes;
  • up to 12 runner blades;
  • operation in synchronous condenser mode;
  • environmental friendliness, oil ingress into water is excluded;
  • supply as single block or modules to reduce installation costs and time of putting into operation;
  • use of advanced solutions and materials improving operational and power characteristics.