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The most common type of hydraulic turbines. First industrially produced hydraulic turbines have been of this type. Radial-axial hydraulic turbines possess the widest operating range of heads. First turbines have been used for heads up to 8 m. Now they are used for high and ultra high heads from 40 m to 700 m in cases when use of other types is impossible or inappropriate. These turbines have maximum efficiency coefficient up to 97% at the wide range of heads. The structure of these turbines is simpler than structure of adjustable blade turbines.

Output: from 0.2 kW to 500 MW.

Head: from 10 m to 700 m.

Runner diameter: from 0.4 m to 7.5 m.

Structural features:

  • horizontal and vertical configuration;
  • high efficiency coefficient: up to 96%;
  • operation in synchronous condenser mode;
  • high-quality self-lubricating bearings (which parameters are better than parameters of bearings made of bronze) in standard supply;
  • special high-technology runner coating for plants with strong abrasive effect;
  • advanced anticavitation design of blades for plants with small depth;
  • use of advanced solutions and materials improving operational and power characteristics;
  • environmental friendliness, oil ingress into water is excluded.