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For turbine pump with head of 550 mFor turbine pump with head of 120 mFor turbine pump with head of 80 m

Special type of radial-axial hydraulic turbines can operate in turbine and pump modes and have high efficiency coefficient. This feature is provided by blades with special shape. As a rule, turbines of this type are installed at PSPPs to accumulate energy of nuclear reactors during daily fluctuations of demand.

Output: from 5 MW to 400 MW.

Head: from 40 m to 550 m.

Runner diameter: from 1 m to 7.5 m.

Structural features:

  • operation in turbine, pump and compensating modes;
  • use of advanced solutions and materials improving operational and power characteristics;
  • operation in synchronous condenser mode;
  • environmental friendliness, oil ingress into water is excluded.