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This type of hydraulic turbines is analogous to regular adjustable blade hydraulic turbines but may be used for higher heads (up to 120 m) and operate in reversible (pump) mode. These turbines have more complicated structure in comparison with regular adjustable blade hydraulic turbines. Due to the above mentioned reasons, these turbines are used more rarely than other ones.

Output: from 2 MW to 150 MW.

Head: from 20 m to 65 m.

Runner diameter: from 1 m to 5 m.

Structural features:

  • high-efficiency operation in turbine and pump modes;
  • up to 8 runner blades;
  • operation in synchronous condenser mode;
  • environmental friendliness, oil ingress into water is excluded;
  • supply as single block or modules to reduce installation costs and time of putting into operation;
  • use of advanced solutions and materials improving operational and power characteristics.