Hydraulic turbines

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Hydraulic turbines are designed for conversion of water head potential and motional energy into mechanical work of generator shaft rotation for power generation at HPPs.

Special type of hydraulic turbines is reversible ones operating in two modes: in turbine mode for power generation or in reverse mode of pump accumulating power by means of water injection back to the PSPP reservoir.

JSC “TYAZHMASH” possesses wide experience in the sphere of designing and production of hydraulic turbines of all types jointly with ČKD Blansko Holding a.s. More than 1000 hydraulic turbines have already been produced. Many turbines successfully operate on all continents, at ground and underground plants, in the tropics and in permafrost conditions. Many plants equipped with hydraulic turbines produced by JSC “TYAZHMASH” are unique and have no analogues in the world.