Control devices and automatic control systems (ACS)

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Oil pressure installation of hydraulic turbine with operating pressure of 12 MPa

Automatic control systems are necessary to maintain or improve operation of the facility to be controlled (for example, hydraulic unit) without human monitoring.

JSC “TYAZHMASH” provides ACS advanced equipment development, manufacturing, supply and works on putting into operation jointly with JSC Ulyanovsk instrument manufacturing design bureau (JSC UIMDB). In comparison with analogous companies, JSC UIMDB possesses wide experience in the sphere of development and implementation of various control systems. Produced equipment has high degree of integration of various control functions, high mass-dimensional indexes and time-proved reliability in severe service conditions at non-servicing facilities of small power generation.

Key features:

  • advanced digital controllers meet the requirements as regards accuracy, response time, quality and adjustment ranges of all parameters;
  • 100%-hot standby of all functions;
  • on the basis of controllers produced by Siemens;
  • operating pressure in control system is 4−16 MPa and more;
  • import component parts of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, measuring equipment;
  • heat and vibration monitoring;
  • oil-nitrogen, oil-air batteries.