Hydraulic power plant is a complex of structures, equipment, and apparatuses designed for generation of power by means of water flow energy conversion using hydraulic turbines and generators.

PJSC “TYAZHMASH” possesses wide experience in the sphere of supply of various equipment for HPPs and PSPPs, from production of individual component parts and assemblies to execution of plant project on turnkey basis.

PJSC “TYAZHMASH” performs the following types of works:

  • producing new hydropower and hydromechanical equipment;
  • upgrading equipment at the existing HPPs;
  • repair works;
  • reconstruction of equipment and HPPs.

310 projects with total capacity of 23.3 GW have been implemented. Equipment has been supplied in more than 46 countries.

Stages of project:

  • hydraulic works performance;
  • designing and development of construction documentation;
  • preproduction engineering;
  • equipment production and testing;
  • check assembly at the place of production;
  • equipment installation on site;
  • rendering logistics services;
  • equipment putting into operation and plant personnel training.