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Conveyors provide output up to 5 thous. m3/h, availability factor is from 0.98 to 0.99, life time of idlers is up to 30000 hours, life time of drums is up to 80000 hours, total service life of conveyors is more than 20 years.

Technical characteristics

Name of belt conveyors
Belt width, mm
Belt speed, m/s
Output, m3/h
Material to be transported
Power, kW
ү, t/m3max, mm
Stationary conveyors of general purpose800–20001.6–4250–5000up to 3.1655010–2050
Stationary conveyors in flameproof performance of automatic conveyor systems, coal TPPs and processing plants 800–20001.6–2.6250–4000up to 1.2555010–800
Stationary conveyors of complexes: CCM of open-pit mines, separate shafts, blast furnaces loading, etc.1200–20001.6–4500–6000up to 3.15up to 550500–5000
Stationary underground conveyors for permanent working1200–2000up to 46000up to 3.15up to 550up to 3000
Retractable conveyors of general purpose1600–20001.6–3.15630–3500up to 3.1555020–180