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Center-discharge ball and rod mills, ball mills with discharge through grate are designed for grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ores and other ore materials at concentrating plants.

Mill operation is performed at constant ore and water supply into the rotating drum. The balls or rods are rolling, sliding and falling inside the rotating mill, thus grinding the ore lumps. The construction of mills increases the output up to 10% compared to other analogues due to change of drum construction and steel intensity decrease.

Technical characteristics

MShTs 5000×8400MShTs 5800×7100MShTs 3750×5850MShTs 3750×5000MShTs 3200×4500MShTs 3200×4500MShTs 3200×6000MShTs 3200×3800
Drum (without lining), mminternal diameter50005805375037503200320032003200
internal length84007116585050004500450060003900
Operating volume, m3 rpm145160574832323327
Motor power, kW1413,691814,714,4319,6816,9219,78
Motor power, kW400040001250125090010001000630
Mill overall dimensions, mmlength187002591013630125601252013504961510250
Material to be groundferrous and non-ferrous metal ores
Drum filling factor with grinding bodies, %, not above3535303035353040
Output, t/h200–370270–330180–310150–230130–22042–15055–16040–145
Grinding methodwet