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Hammer reversal crushers DMRE 10×10, DMRE 14,5×13, DM 1500×1500 are designed for crushing of coals of different grades and other materials before coking. Hammer reversal crusher DMRIE 14,5×13 is designed for crushing of limestone and other materials.

The output of the crushers is specified during operation and depends on size and physical properties of material to be fed.

Technical characteristics

DMRE 1000×1000DMRE 1450×1300DMRIE 1450×1300DMRE 1500×1500
Maximum lump size to be fed, mm80120
Humidity of material to be fed, %, not above128412
Rotor dimensions, mm: diameter, length1000×10001450×13001450×13001500×1500
Fineness of material crushed, mm0–3
Content of 0-3 mm grade in ground product, %, at least75
Rotor rotation frequency, s-1 (min-1)16,6 (1000)
Electric motor power, kW motor rotation frequency, (min-1)200 (1000)630 (1000)
Overall dimensions, mm, not above: length, width, height4200×2670×18205400×3250×23005200×3245×22855600×3425×2500