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Dynamic separator is designed for separation of large-sized fractions from small ones. A distinguishing feature of the dynamic separator is ability to regulate the grinding fineness by means of rotor rotation frequency and stator blades setting angle.

Separator consists of housing, rotor, stator blades, large-sized fractions return cone, rotor drive gearbox, rotor drive electric motor, frequency converter for rotor rotation frequency adjustment. The hot gases and hot air mixture carries the ground material away from the milling zone (from the mill) into the separator, where large-sized fractions are separated from small fractions.

Large-sized fractions are removed to the system through the return cone for further grinding, and finished pulverized coal is moved to the further stage of processing. Separator is well-adjusted for repair works.

Technical characteristics

SD 1100SD 2800SD 4400
Separator rotor diameter, mm110028004400
Electric motor power, kW37200200
Output, t/h15100180
Grinding fineness, %, not above
R80 12 12 12