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Rotary valve is designed for dosed supply of bulky powder and granular materials with surface humidity not more than 1.5%, bulk density not more than 1.8 g/cm3, temperature from −50 °С to +250 °С.

Reliable dosing of materials by means of rotary valves is provided in case of continuous feeding the material from hopper into the loading branch pipe and absence of the product adhesion to the valve rotor cells walls.

Rotary valves are designed in the following climatic versions: UKhL3, UKhL4, T3 according to GOST 15150-69 for economic needs and export. Valves are available for operation in macroclimatic areas with moderate and tropical climate both in indoor and outdoor areas protected from atmospheric precipitation

Rotary valve of ZSh type is designed to avoid suction among various technologic line sections.

Rotary valve represents housing with loading and unloading branch pipes and two side covers. Rotor with horizontal shaft is located inside. Rotor is of cylindrical form. It consists of two disks and blades between them. Blades form the individual cells. Shaft bears the bearing units mounted into covers. Dedicated labyrinth-and-cup seal is provided for shaft sealing in the place of output from covers, sealing air supply is provided to avoid the pulverized coal entry into sealants.

Technical characteristics

Housing typewelded or molded
Rotor diameter, mm150200300450500
Output, m3/hup to 2.5up to 6up to 18up to 65up to 100
Rotor speed, rpm2525212120
Electric motor power, kW0.550.551.12.23