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Hammer mill-dryers are designed for grinding up to a pulverized condition (fine grinding) and simultaneous drying of materials with high humidity (average 26%) for cement industry. A distinguishing feature of the mill is ability to grind and dry materials with high humidity simultaneously.

The mill consists of a housing with frame, rotor, separator, support and support-thrust bearings, auxiliary drive, main drive gearbox, main drive electric motor, intermediate shaft, input elastic pin coupling. The material to be milled and hot gases mixture with hot air are fed into the mill tangentially.

Process of grinding is performed by means of repeated impacts of material by beaters and against the housing, and also by means of material detrition during its movement through the clearance between the housing liner and running rotor of the mill. The hot gases and hot air mixture carries the milled material away from the milling zone. The pulverized coal is moved through the gas duct to separator. The mill is fully equipped for repair works performance.

Technical characteristics

  • Rotor rotation frequency — 170 rpm
  • Electric motor power — 2000 kW
  • Size of lump to be ground — 50 mm
  • Humidity of raw material, not above — 26%
  • Rotor dimensions: diameter in working position — 4500 mm, length — 2800 mm