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Hydraulic thrust is designed for accommodation of rotary cement kiln axial loads.

Hydraulic thrust consists of thrust roller, hydraulic cylinder and stand. Thrust roller is installed on axis of rolling bearings. Axis is pressed on post moving along the stand and driven by means of hydraulic cylinder. Bearings lubrication is liquid, circulating lubrication is performed by means of individual lubrication system. It is allowed to use lubrication from centralized lubrication system or grease embedded lubrication. Hydraulic thrust cooling is air and natural.

Technical characteristics

  • Drawing No. — 32.81.1102-0;
  • Name — hydraulic thrust;
  • Maximum load taken by hydraulic thrust — 88 t;
  • Maximum operating pressure in hydraulic cylinder — 125 kgf/cm2;
  • Idler diameter — 1000 mm;
  • Working stroke of hydraulic cylinder piston — 100 mm;
  • Full stroke of hydraulic cylinder piston — 350 mm.