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Transport lock

Transport lock is used at nuclear power plants. It is installed in the building of reactor unit and represents an element of leak-tight enclosure. Transport lock is designed for transportation (with keeping of reactor unit building leak-tightness (locking)) of containers with spent nuclear fuel, cases with new fuel, radioactive wastes in containers, transport and handling equipment necessary for operation, maintenance, and repair of reactor unit equipment.

In case of accidents, transport lock provides the following: keeping of radioactive substances in tight area, fire protection, and if necessary – emergency evacuation of personnel. During NPP construction and decommissioning, the main equipment – steam generators, upper unit of reactor, main circulating pumps, primary piping, etc. – are transported to the building (from the building) of reactor unit through transport lock (without locking).

Transport locks produced by JSC TYAZHMASH are designed for use in reactor units with VVER-1200 type reactors.