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Reactor vault equipment

Reactor vault equipment represents embedded metal structures to be installed into reactor vault concrete and support members to install the reactor itself. The support members consist of devices for support members precise position adjustment with tolerance for thermal expansion. Reactor vault equipment consists of up to 15 items. Equipment items depend on type of reactor unit. The total weight is up to 830 tons including core melt localization device – 515 tons.

Reactor vault equipment supplied by JSC TYAZHMASH includes the following items:

  • embedded parts;
  • measuring channels;
  • dry protection;
  • heat insulation of housing cylindrical part;
  • supporting frame structure;
  • thrust frame structure;
  • thermal and biological protection of branch pipe zone;
  • separating bellows;
  • air duct;
  • embedded parts of pressure compensator fasteners;
  • heat insulation of the upper unit;
  • upper unit centering device.