Powerful intellectual and manufacturing-technical potential of the plant allows creating the high class unique equipment. A number of manufactures equipped with all necessary equipment is a part of the plant.

Mechanical assembly manufacturing

About 1200 items of metal-cutting equipment including specialized and unit-built machines, automatic and semiautomatic machines, CNC machines and machining centers, unique machines are used in machine-assembly workshops:

  • turning-and-boring machine of K 19M model with processing diameter up to 25 000 mm;

  • a number of turning-and-boring machines with processing diameter of 1200-13000 mm including turning-and-boring machine with CNC SKJ 80-160D with processing diameter up to 16000 mm and with set of heads (for grinding and milling, boring);

  • horizontal boring machines with maximum processing zone of 15000×5000×3000 mm (LхHхW) including renewed machines “Skoda” (with possibility of 5-axis processing), “Pama” and Novosibirsk production association “Tyazhstankogidropress”;

  • milling-and-boring machine SPIRIT with spindle extension of 2950 mm which is unique for this type of equipment. The machine is equipped with three replaceable heads including 5-axis one as well as noncontact measuring systems and tool storage magazine. It is equipped with hydrostatic guideways in all coordinates of moving, it maintains the equipment accuracy characteristics for a long time;

  • high-speed milling-and-boring machines of Agile МЗ and Месmill models produced by “Emco-Mecof” with multi-axis (3+2) angle heads;

  • 10 machining center units manufactured by OJSC “IZTS”;

  • equipment for deep boring with processing length up to 6000 mm and bore diameter up to 1100 mm;

Permanent maintenance of technical and technological developments high level in accordance with world standards becomes possible owing to active cooperation with research-and-development establishments and higher education establishments of the country as well as with specialists of foreign firms.

  • horizontal-honing machine NTN 8000 with processing diameter from 40 to 560 mm and honing length up to 8000 mm;

  • thread-cutting machines of KZh-30 and 1682A models with processing diameters of 5000 and 4150 mm, with center-to-center distance of 16500 and 14000 mm correspondingly;

  • more than 10 items of new lathe machines with CNC manufactured by LLC “Ryazan machine tool plant” with processing diameter up to 1800 mm and center-to-center distance up to 10000 mm;

  • universal milling-and-turning processing 5-axis center DMС 80 performing milling and turning processing, with possibility of workpieces processing with diameter up to 800 mm and adjustment operations at adjustment site. Continuous cycle of processing is performed by means of 2 pallet tables. It is possible to perform surfaces form milling in 5-coordinate system;

  • universal milling-and-turning processing 5-axis center DMU210FD performing milling and turning processing, with possibility of workpieces processing with diameter up to 2000 mm, height up to 1250 mm and maximum weight of 5000 kg. The machine performs any module gear teeth milling, rotational frequency up to 12000 rpm provides high quality of surface;

  • high-accuracy turning-and-milling machine with CNC with high stiffness NL3000Y/2000 allows turning and milling processing of parts with diameter up to 430 mm and length up to 2000 mm, teeth cutting by hob cutter;

  • turning-and-milling processing center NT6600/4000CG with CNC is designed for turning and milling processing of parts with diameter up to 1070 mm and length up to 4076 mm, with possibility of inside diameters boring at the length up to 1500 mm and milling with speed up to 8000 rpm;

  • rigid-bed milling processing center of 66K45F4 model with working area overall dimensions 4500×12000×4000 mm (WхLхH);

  • two heavy portal machines TOS KURIM FRUNQ300В-VR/10 and FRUFQ 450B-VR/14 with tables 8000×3000 and 12000×4500 correspondingly allow processing the most complicated large parts with minimum number of setups. The machines are equipped with noncontact measuring systems of tool and part under processing, tool storage magazine and are able to perform 5-axis processing by means of special replaceable heads;

  • gear-milling machines for processing gear wheels with diameter up to 12400 mm and weight up to 180 tons by running method, including KU-306 models (Kolomna), machines produced by “Liebherr” and “Klingenberg” of L3002 and AMK-852 models correspondingly. These machines allow processing hardened beveled gears of cyclopalloid toothing with diameter up to 1100 mm and cut module up to m-21.5;

  • mobile instrumentation complex “FARO” allows obtaining the products geometrical parameters with accuracy from 0.02 mm in sphere with radius up to 35000 mm.

Welding production

The updated (“Kometa” model) and new (“Falcon” and “SUPRAREX” models produced by “ESAB”, the last is equipped with three-cutter swiveling block for edge cutting) thermal cutting machines with CNC are used in procuring and assembly-welding production.

During manufacturing, JSC “TYAZHMASH” actively applies advanced technologies of gas-flame spraying and plasma spraying, orbital welding.

For sheet material cutting the laser cutting machines ByStar 3015; ByStar L4025 8.0 produced by “ByStronic” are used.

Maximum width of an expanded sidewall in conditions of JSC “TYAZHMASH” manufacture may reach 8000 mm at maximum thickness of 30 mm.

Undeniable advantages:

  • hydraulic presses with the stress from 800 tons-force to 2500 tons-force;

  • sheet bending and forming machines including “HAUSLER” unique rolls allowing to process sheet material with width up to 4000 mm and thickness up to 240 mm (hot method);

  • units for electro-slag welding of ring and line welds with thickness up to 350 mm.