Technical Reequipment

Considering permanently increasing requirements to the product quality, production facilities of the plant are often upgraded. To reduce the production cycle, to exclude the human factor influence on production process, to improve the quality of manufactured product and to provide ecological safety, the equipment stock of the plant is permanently upgraded. Obsolete items are taken out of service, and new equipment of world famous machine building companies (DMG (Germany), MORI SEIKI (Japan), FPT INDUSTRIE (Italy), TOS KURIM (Czech Republic), CKD Blansko (Czech Republic), Bystronic Laser (Switzerland), FACCIN (Italy), etc.) is purchased and successfully introduced into production.

In the recent 3 years more than 1.5 bln roubles have been appropriated for the plant technical reequipment: 135 mln in 2011, 950 mln in 2012 and 415 mln in 2013. The investment patterns are as follows:

  1. heavy metal-cutting machines stock upgrading (portal machines — TOS KURIM, turning-and-boring machines — ČKD Blansko, horizontal boring machines — FPT INDUSTRIE) — 635 mln roubles;
  2. technical reequipment of blank and assemble-welding production (sheet bending presses and laser cutting machines Bystronic Laser, rolls FACCIN, bandsawing machines Everising, etc.) — 250 mln roubles;
  3. modernization of painting (shot-blasting chambers and spray paint cabinets SciTeeX, painting apparatus Graco) — 75 mln roubles;
  4. metal-cutting machines stock upgrading (horizontal boring machines SKODA at the manufacturer, turning-and-boring machines and screw-cutting lathes, etc.) — 310 mln roubles;
  5. technical reequipment of machine assembly workshop No. 3 (milling-and-turning processing centers DMG, turning-and-milling machines MORI SEIKI, modernization of cylindrical grinding machine, etc.) — 305 mln roubles;
  6. technical reequipment of assemble-welding production (new welding equipment for all workshops of the plant) — 95 mln roubles;
  7. metallurgical production upgrading (heat-treatment furnace PP-KP 43\1200 BOSIO, etc.) — 20 mln roubles.

In the end of 2012 the advanced welding classroom was organized at the plant. It has only few analogues in Russia. The classroom is equipped with stand of virtual welding produced by Fronius. This stand may be used to master the technique of welding process with preset parameters.

The process of technical reequipment in JSC “TYAZHMASH” is continuous. Now mounting and commissioning of laser-cutting machine Bystar L4025-80, cylindrical grinding machine 3M195, several screw-cutting lathes 16K20 are performed in workshops of the plant. All these processes will be finished by the end of 2013. Negotiations concerning contracts conclusion are held with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers for equipment purchasing and upgrading.

In JSC “TYAZHMASH”, projects on machines improvement are successfully performed by machining equipment upgrading team specially created at the plant. In the recent years the following items have been upgraded: large horizontal boring machine of 2А680 model, bed-type milling machine 6612U, radial boring machines NKN-120-500 and 2А587, screw-cutting lathe KZh1699; phased modernization of turning-and-boring machine K19 is carried out. The improvement of small turning-and-boring machines stock is also performed.

Along with the plant equipment upgrading, the work on personnel training is carried out. The team of well qualified specialists on programs creation and equipment control is trained for faster mastering the complex five-axis machines with CNC. Their active participation makes it possible to introduce new machines in production as well as to organize their 24 hour maintenance even during the first months of operation. Specialists of maintenance departments undergo equipment service and maintenance training at the plants of this equipment production. In the end of 2012 the advanced welding classroom was organized at the plant. It has only few analogues in Russia. The classroom is equipped with stand of virtual welding produced by Fronius and other advanced means of training.

It should be noted that at equipment purchasing JSC “TYAZHMASH” often buys specially configured software allowing significant enlargement of technological capabilities.

Modernization wouldn’t have the desired effect if advanced technologies and new high-quality tool were not applied . Now “TYAZHMASH” imposes the increased requirements to tool quality, reliability and efficiency, buys the latest metal-cutting tool produced by leading manufacturers such as WALTER, ISCAR, SANDVIK Coromant, KAISER, WIDIA, etc.

In the recent years more than 62.5 mln roubles have been appropriated to equip new and updated equipment with advanced metal cutting tool. From year to year the per cent of advanced tool application increases by 15% by means of manufacturing technologies improvement and new equipment purchasing.