Policy of Integrated Management System

JSC “TYAZHMASH” management is responsible for realization of stated policy of integrated management system to confirm and demonstrate its commitment to management principles in the sphere of quality, ecology, occupational safety and health in activity of heavy engineering equipment production.

Director General of JSC “TYAZHMASH” Andrey Trifonov

Our objective is to meet our clients’ requirements and expectations by obtaining the high level of product quality that provides our business development, improvement of occupational safety and our employees’ health, reduction of negative impact on the environment.

We create the unique heavy engineering products realizing individual requirements of each our client.


JSC “TYAZHMASH” management is responsible for realization of stated policy of integrated management system to confirm and demonstrate its commitment to management principles in the sphere of quality, ecology, occupational safety and health in activity of heavy engineering equipment production.

Policy of JSC TYAZHMASH integrated management system (PDF, 2.3 MB)


JSC “TYAZHMASH” possesses licenses for the right to perform the following types of activities:

  • production of equipment for nuclear power plants;
  • design of equipment for nuclear installations (used at nuclear plants);
  • creation and production of space-based techniques, materials and technologies as well as creation and reconstruction of space infrastructure;
  • collection, usage, deactivation, transportation, placement of hazardous wastes.
Repair of measuring devices (JPG, 632.3 KB)

license for production of equipment for nuclear power plants (PDF, 1.6 MB)

Use of ionizing radiation; operation, technical maintenance, storing the sources of ionizing radiation for X-ray testing (PDF, 3.6 MB)

license for design of equipment for nuclear power plants (PDF, 1003.6 KB)

license for space activities (PDF, 746.3 KB)

license for collection, usage, transportation, placement of hazardous wastes (TIF, 916.7 KB)

IMS Certificates

In late May 2017, JSC TYAZHMASH successfully passed certification audit of the integrated management system; the audit was carried out by representatives of the largest transnational holding DQS Holding GmbH performing expert evaluation of business process and certification of the management systems. According to the audit results, JSC TYAZHMASH obtained international certificates for compliance of the integrated management system with requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and national certificates for compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2015, GOST R ISO 14001-2016, GOST R 54934-2012/OHSAS 18001:2007).

IQNet ISO 9001 (PDF, 28.7 KB)IQNet ISO 14001 (PDF, 28.7 KB)
ISO 9001 (PDF, 88.3 KB)ISO 14001 (PDF, 88.3 KB)
IQNet ISO 45001 (PDF, 28.7 KB)ISO 45001 (PDF, 88.4 KB)

Test, research, and metrological assurance center


  • Determination of steel grades, cast iron, nonferrous alloys chemical composition, analysis of plating baths electrolytes, check of lacquer coatings;
  • Determination of metals, converted rubber, springs and fixing parts physical-and-mechanical properties;
  • Quality control of metals by means of macro- and microanalysis, metallographic inspection of destroyed products and structures to determine the cause of destruction;
  • Radiation measurements of metal scrap;
  • Nondestructive check of rolled products, forgings, welded joints by means of ultrasonic, capillary, magnetic, gas and liquid methods;
  • Nondestructive check of welded joints using X-ray method;
  • JSC “TYAZHMASH” products diagnostics at the Customer to calculate equipment residual operation life.


Laboratories of JSC “TYAZHMASH” test, research, and metrological assurance center are certified to perform:

Instrument calibration (PDF, 2.9 MB)

Nondestructive check (PDF, 3.4 MB)

Radiation control (PDF, 884.1 KB)

Destructive check (PDF, 7 MB)

Sergey Chernobaev

Deputy Quality Director — Head of IMD

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