The next large batch of equipment was shipped to NPP Rooppur

November 22, 2018

Earlier this month, one of the largest batches of equipment for NPP Rooppur produced by JSC TYAZHMASH was shipped from the berth of JSC Syzran Oil Refinery. The guide plate of catcher and embedded parts of reactor vault were dispatched for the first power unit, and the supports, maintenance platform, and body with filler — for the second power unit.

The total weight of set was 540 tons. Five cranes of various lifting capacities were used for the set placement on the vessel. Due to limited time, the work was carried out by two shifts of slingers for several days and nights.

The equipment was transported by water to Novorossiysk. Then it will be shipped to Chittagong (Bangladesh), and then items will be dispatched to the construction site of NPP Rooppur.