The third runner for Вeloporozhskie HPPs was tested by CKD Blansko Holding

November 21, 2018

Earlier this month, the affiliated company of JSC TYAZHMASH — ČKD Blansko Holding (the Czech Republic) carried out control assembly, static balancing, hydraulic and functional testing of the runner No. 1 for Beloporozhskaya HPP-1. The equipment was successfully accepted by Nord Gidro Bely Porog, LLC and allowed for further process operations.

Production of the fourth runner will be completed soon. Due to temporary unavailability of the Customer construction site, two runners for Beloporozhskaya HPP-2 and one runner for Beloporozhskaya HPP-1 are stored at ČKD Blansko Holding warehouses, and working mechanisms of turbines for both HPPs are located at JSC TYAZHMASH. The project implementation will be continued in December 2018, and all items will be supplied to Karelia.

In general, JSC TYAZHMASH is obliged to equip Beloporozhskie HPPs with the complete set of hydroturbine equipment providing the plant total capacity of 49.8 MW and two cranes with the lifting capacity of 80 tons each for turbine halls and two cranes with the lifting capacity of 120 tons each for valve hall. The main works have already been completed. Now construction works at the facilities are carried out: embedded parts are being mounted at Beloporozhskie HPPs. Moreover, General Contractor will take measures for closure of the Kem River, and then installation of hydromechanical equipment will be carried out.

All products have already been manufactured, but the project is not finished. Specialists of TYAZHMASH are ready for the next stage — erection supervision and startup works at the new hydroelectric power plants.