Young people of Samara region visited TYAZHMASH

May 30, 2018

At the end of May, JSC TYAZHMASH held meeting of young specialists of Samara region. The meeting was focused on youth initiative, communication, and cooperation. TYAZHMASH was visited by 65 persons including representatives of JSC SRC Progress, Togliattinsky Transformator LLC, FSOE PSOTS, FPE Chapaevsk Mechanical Plant, Kuibyshev Railways, and PJSC Togliattyazot.

Young specialists participated in communication skills training activities and roundtable discussions. Representatives of various Syzran institutions as well as representatives of JSC TYAZHMASH held lectures devoted to implementation of youth policy and speaker skills.

The program included entertainment events as well. Guests were impressed by dancing workshop and performance of Joker studio.