The first batch of electrical equipment arrived in El Salvador

March 12, 2018

JSC TYAZHMASH is carrying out works on designing, manufacturing, supply, and mounting of electromechanical equipment for HPP Chaparral (El Salvador).

In February the first batch of electrical equipment with the weight of 680 tons was supplied to El Salvador. The batch included main generators with excitation systems, vibration and gases monitoring systems, fire fighting systems, power transformers, MV cabinets, bus bars, and other electrical equipment designed for the first and second units of HPP Chaparral. The weight of certain items was up to 100 tons, so the special-purpose vessel with crane was used for transportation, and delivery period was about two months.

Hydraulic equipment was completely delivered. Structures produced by the affiliated company of JSC TYAZHMASH — ČKD Blansko Holding a. s. — were supplied as well. Mounting works are being carried out at the construction site.