Representatives of Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC visited ČKD Blansko Holding

March 7, 2018

Earlier this month, during implementation of Agreement No. 633 dated 30.03.2017 concluded on upgrading of Belorechenskaya HPP, the customer Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC represented by S. A. Margert, Director General, and Yu. A. Sklyarov, Head of Department of Planning and Preparation for Repairs, Retrofitting, and Upgrading, visited the production site of ČKD Blansko Holding.

Wicket gate, runner, and shaft are being produced by ČKD Blansko Holding for hydraulic units st. Nos. 1 and 3 of Belorechenskaya HPP.

JSC TYAZHMASH was represented by A. M. Gulimov, Director of Business Unit, and Yu. L. Tukharinov, Commercial Director of Business Unit. ČKD Blansko Holding was represented by S. V. Mikhailov, Member of Executive Board, I. V. Rykunov, Deputy Director General — Sales Director, and S. M. Lagunov, Head of Design Departments Integration.

Representatives of Lukoil-Ekoenergo LLC were impressed by production capabilities of ČKD Blansko Holding and are willing to cooperate with JSC TYAZHMASH on other projects.