New equipment for thermal processing was put into operation

November 23, 2017

In November the batch bell-type furnace for thermal processing of metal structures was put into operation.

TYAZHMASH needed to expand its production possibilities for execution of orders for NPP Rooppur and NPP Kudankulam. Dimensions of core melt localization devices produced by TYAZHMASH did not allow to use available resources, so the company leadership decided to implement completely new equipment.

Contractors developed the design of batch bell-type furnace with corresponding drawings and technical documentation. New furnace gives possibility to carry out thermal processing of parts with diameter of up to eight meters and height of up to six meters. Production process of bell-type furnace consists of three stages: heating up to 650 °С, soaking and cooling down to 400 °С, and discharge. Furnace body is represented by removable heating chamber — bell. Two overhead cranes perform lifting of the furnace bell providing its proper positioning and sealing. Fan is installed inside the furnace to provide uniform distribution of temperature in the chamber.

The bell-type furnace has been successfully tested. This innovative equipment provides TYAZHMASH with possibility to increase characteristics of thermal processing.