Equipment for Beryozovskaya SDPP was shipped

October 31, 2017

The equipment produced by JSC TYAZHMASH was successfully shipped to Beryozovskaya SDPP.

In accordance with the agreement concluded with Unipro PJSC, TYAZHMASH developed two mills of MV 3400/900/490 type, two belt feeders of PL 1200/13000 type and one feeder of PL 1200/25000 type, and three bayonet locks of ShZG 4000×1500 type. To increase service life of the mill rotor grinding blades up to 6000 hours, new structure with foreign wear-resistant material was developed. The mill was also equipped with a new set of lubrication system with remote cooling circuit for bearing assembly. Besides, belt feeders were upgraded.

At the end of September, acceptance tests began. After acceptance and packing, the first batch of equipment was shipped on railway platforms and in gondola cars. Large-sized units (trolley, chamber, inlet branch pipe) were transported by trucks. At the end of October, the upper part of the mill housing was dispatched from TYAZHMASH by railway. This method of transportation allowed to save more than one million roubles. According to the forecasts of logistics specialists, the equipment will be delivered to Beryozovskaya SDPP within ten days.