Production of the unique equipment for nuclear-powered icebreaker is being finished

October 19, 2017

JSC TYAZHMASH is finishing production of the unique equipment for nuclear-powered icebreaker. In spring 2017, JSC TYAZHMASH and JSC KPTM concluded the contract on production of rudder stock for the propulsion and steering unit DRK-8500.

The propulsion and steering unit DRK-8500 provides power up to 8,500 kW and is designed for ships of unrestricted navigation. Installation of the propulsion and steering units that carry out functions of both propeller and rudder will provide continuous motion and precise maneuvering. Besides, this unit allows to clear additional space previously used for shafts and other power transmission systems.

The advanced Russian icebreaker “Tundra” with the power of 16,800 kW will be equipped with two propulsion and steering units. Rudder stock produced by JSC TYAZHMASH allows the Customer to carry out assembly and testing of the propulsor sample and to check its characteristics.

Since 2017 JSC TYAZHMASH has been mastering units for the reactor assembly of the unique nuclear-powered icebreaker under the contract concluded with JSC Afrikantov Experimental Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering.