Mounting of the first unit of Beloporozhskaya SHPP-2 began

August 24, 2017

JSC TYAZHMASH finished manufacturing of embedded parts for Beloporozhskaya SHPP-2. The most important units — stator and runner chamber — successfully passed tests. Representatives of the Customer visited TYAZHMASH and highly appreciated quality of the products.

Part of equipment was delivered to the facility ahead of schedule. Works on mounting of the first unit embedded parts began. The metalwork elements, such as lining of suction pipe elbow and cone, embedded pipelines, and discharge valve will be connected together.

On the 10th of August pre-assembly works on suction pipe elbow began. Mounting of the first unit embedded parts will be finished by the end of August. The next stage will include reinforcing and concrete casting of foundation of the hydroelectric power plant building.