Transport lock left JSC TYAZHMASH

August 4, 2017

On the 3rd of August the transport lock with weight of 100 tons and diameter of more than 7 meters was shipped from the territory of the plant. The transport lock produced by JSC TYAZHMASH for the first time will be delivered to Belorusskaya NPP.

For transport lock transportation the special platform with length of 27 meters and width of 5 meters was created. The platform was installed on 18 axes and 6 wheel pairs by means of the ballast prime mover. The pusher was used for grade climbing. The speed of convoy was not more than 15 km/h.

The product will be transported by water to Novgorod region or Pskov region (depending on the water level) and then — by road to the Republic of Belarus.

JSC TYAZHMASH will produce another two transport locks — for the second power unit of Belorusskaya NPP and Leningradskaya NPP-2.