The turbine runner for HPP Svarthålsforsen (Sweden) was successfully accepted

July 4, 2017

The runner of hydraulic unit No. 2 produced under the project of HPP Svarthålsforsen (Sweden) upgrading was successfully accepted. Acceptance of equipment was performed in the affiliated company of JSC TYAZHMASH — ČKD Blansko Holding (the Czech Republic) with participation of Fortum Sverige AB representatives.

The contract on supply of equipment for HPP Svarthålsforsen upgrading was concluded by ČKD Blansko Holding and Fortum Generation AB in June 2014. The contract scope is a supply of Kaplan turbines with runner diameter of 5.4 m.

HPP Svarthålsforsen is located on the Indalsälven in Sweden. It was put into operation in 1954. The hydroelectric power plant is equipped with three vertical Kaplan turbines with total output of 80 MW (head is 15 m, rotation speed is 107 rpm, flow is 210 m3/s).

The runner No. 1 for hydraulic unit No. 1 was successfully produced in 2016. According to the schedule, the runner for hydraulic unit No. 2 will be supplied at the end of 2017.