Rooppur NPP: decision on the first units production was made

April 3, 2017

On the 31st of March, the delegation from the People’s Republic of Bangladesh visited JSC TYAZHMASH to discuss cooperation for Rooppur NPP project. The delegation included representatives of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and Bangladesh Ministry of Research and Technology, Chief Engineer of Rooppur NPP, and other specialists.

Rooppur NPP is the first enterprise of nuclear power industry in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Under the agreement, JSC TYAZHMASH will manufacture core melt localization device (core catcher). The first batch will be produced by October 2017.

The delegates inspected production facilities of JSC TYAZHMASH. They highly appreciated the plant management and industrial standards as well as training of personnel involved in the project implementation. Specialists of TYAZHMASH advised the delegates on core catcher operating principles, specifications, and structural materials. The Parties decided to begin production of embedded parts and case.

Moreover, JSC TYAZHMASH won tender for supply of reactor vaults and inspection shafts for Rooppur NPP.